Lincoln Financial

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Design & Prototyping

Lincoln Financial Group

User Experience Designer

David Kaplan


UX Marketing Design & Responsive Prototyping Link to Lincoln Financial Group prototype.


Case Study


Lincoln Financial Group need a marketing experience to demonstrate and collect data for their retirement plan products. This demo needed to visually appealing and the information structured in a logical and concise manner. It needed to be accessible on a variety devices including mobile.



The solution was to work with the design team to create a functional prototype that allowed for:

  • Responsiveness on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Visual appeal that evoked trust and brand consistency in the user
  • Animation to enhance the experience and excite the user
  • A call to action that allowed the user to request more information



The result was a highly interactive and attractive prototype that allowed the user and demonstrator to navigate the form using hot spots and anchor links. Additionally, the data visualizations were animated and interactive with triggers activated depending on one’s location within the form. The white paper form success message was also animated to give the user a sense of feedback from the server. Lastly, the entire prototype was made responsive so that one could view it on multiple platforms with elements of prototype moving and resizing to accommodate smaller screen sizes.

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