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Mobile, UX Design, Web

From user interviews to design and usability testing, using a proven user-centered design approach was essential. The needs of a data intensive application like Oracle’s Primavera product demanded it.




Case Study


Primavera was transitioning from a legacy application known as “P6” to a fully cloud- and mobile-based enterprise project management tool. Our team was tasked with updating the data intensive application to be cutting edge in terms of usability, interaction, design, accessibility and performance.



The solution was to fully engage an agile design sprint methodology by:

  • Planning and pivoting based on competitive analysis and available user data
  • Designing and prototyping with the goal of engaging users in usability studies and research
  • Working in cross function scrum teams to better understand and communicate concepts as well as limitations
  • Engaging all hands, including management, in the design decision making process



The result was a high performance browser-based and mobile application that enabled users to plan their projects effectively and easily. From the beginning, design was a constant consideration. Starting with universally available style, component and accessibility guides we set the standards that developers would use for consistent design and implementation. With the need to comply with Oracle’s exacting specification for deliverable products, we ensure that all brand and best practice guidelines were followed while also ensuring that framework flexibility and user journeys were properly considered.

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